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I posted another article on uptime. It’s part 2 in my review of the IBM developerWorks series on moving from Windows to-Linux. Not that I’m saying you should read my article, but the series on developerWorks is very good.


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Well, *I’M* saying that everyone should read your article! 🙂

It’s good stuff, thanks again for posting. I’ve been slacking lately with everything going on. Next week I should be back to normal, whatever that is. 🙂

Take care,

Thanks for posting. I’m enjoying that series, not to mention that you are the only article since mine last week as I was a bit busy around the whole Thanksgiving thing too. Appreciate your articles both for content and just tossing up the style of writing on uptime. 🙂

Well, I’m glad you enjoyed the article. We both know that Frank has been busy. I talked to Tony last week and he said he wants to get a couple articles up this year, even with the workload he has. I guess we’ll just be surprised.


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