The iTrip is Cool…

My wife bought me an iTrip for Valentine’s Day. She actually made me buy it, but that’s not the point. The point is that I’ve got one now. I’ve had an iPod since Christmas and the one accessory I really wanted was the iTrip.

What an awesome gadget! You stick this “cool” looking, AA battery shaped thing to the top of your iPod and you get amazing power. You have the power to walk into any room, with a radio, and hear what you want. You have the ultimate “radio jacking” device……

I don’t see how people could have an iPod and not have an iTrip. I was getting sick of having stacks, and stacks of cd’s everywhere. At work, at home in the entertainment center, at home in my office, at home in the guest room (main storage place), in my wife’s car, and in my car. And it sucks when the cd you want to listen to is in one of those other places. Now all my cd’s are with me via the iPod, and with the iTrip I can listen to them “over the air” in my car and everywhere else I can find a radio.

It’s a perfect match. iPod meet iTrip, iTrip meet iPod. You guys are gonna be best buddies.

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