Back from Vacation

We made it back safely Sunday evening. It was great. I’m working on a detailed recap, it’s already over 1000 words.

Quick Recap:
My cousin’s wedding was fun, the Cubs won, spent a day in downtown Chicago, ate good pizza, finally made it to see Notre Dame, last couple of days were spent in Ft. Wayne.

I’ve got a few hundred pics that will make it to the website.

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Looks like you stopped by the South Bend area on your vacation. That’s where I grew up. What pizza joint did you visit? Can’t wait to see the Chicago pics.


Yeah. We were obviously in South Bend when we went to Notre Dame. I can’t speak much about South Bend, other then Notre Dame is there and I’m a huge Irish fan.

We had pizza at Geno’s East in Chicago. I love their pizza. I just got three pizzas mailed to me as a birthday gift….

Vacation Recap, The Long Story…

Below you can read my very long, detailed, probably boring recap of a truly great vacation. Katie and I flew with Noah to Indiana and then rented a car for 10 days of driving between Indiana and Illinois. Also, enjoy…

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