I am going to learn PERL…

What should my first book be: Learning Perl, Programming Perl, or “the write in vote” (give me another title)?

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Well, I think it’s an unwritten rule that when you have a famous author post a book recommendation on your blog, even if it’s for his own book, that you take it and don’t think twice. So no more votes are needed. I’m going with “Learning Perl”.

Randal, I’m not sure what brought you to my blog, but I’m feeling very proud/impressed. Please be warned, there will be a number of very basic, embarrassing Perl questions/comments appearing here in the future.


It has been Decided…

I am going with the “Learning Perl” book. I was sold by one of the comments in my previous post on the subject. Check back for questions I come up with as I read the book and work through it’s…

Sounds good, Randal. I’ve already got a quesion on strings from Ch2. I’ll post the question here and out on the sites you mentioned.


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