Please switch to Firefox…

Please. I can’t stand it that people suffer with IE. I don’t think I could surf the web without “tabbed browsing”. And with all the extensions you can add to Firefox it just doesn’t make sense to not switch. I think some people are just lazy. They’ve used IE for so long they just refuse to try something else….. JEEZ! Switch!

For some helpful info on switching read this article on

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Ed on Internet Marketing

I always enjoy Ed’s analysis of various topics. His latest over at Plain Packages touched on a subject I often ponder and closely related to the discussions of awhile back on the destruction of email that he and I blogged about.

Controlling Passion…

Did I Mention I Got a PowerBook…

It arrived Tuesday afternoon. Again, it’s the 12″ 1.33 GHz w/SuperDrive model. It’s awesome! I’ve been bugging people about PowerBooks for almost a year. Yes! I’ve finally got one…. The problem is, this is the first time I’ve ever used…

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