Mini-Vacation – Destination New Braunfels…

Well, at 11:30 CDT I will officially be on vacation! WHOOP! It’s gonna be great. My brother-in-law’s family (his mom, dad, and three brothers) go to New Braunfels every summer for the better part of a week. This year they invited me and my brother, Andrew. Chris (my brother-in-law) has one heck of a mom. She’s gonna have 7 guys to her 1 female, to put up with.

If you haven’t been to New Braunfels you really should take a trip there. It’s a little old German town between Austin and San Antonio on I-35. It really reminds me of the little ski towns I was just in in Colorado, minus the mountains and skiing. The point is that it’s a relaxing place. The attraction is that both the Comal and Guadulupe Rivers run through the city. Both rivers have great rafting/ toobing trips people can go on that range from 2 – 12 hrs. There is also this awesome water park, Schlitterbahn, that is fed from the river. That’s where we’re staying. We have a big cottage right on the river.

It will be an excellent time. I’ll miss the wife and baby, but I’ll have fun….

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So jealous, especially after seeing that park on the travel channel. Upon your return you must tell us how that Master Blaster roller coaster ride is.

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