Finally I can buy a PowerBook…

The wife has finally given me her blessing. I am torn between the 1.33 GHz 12″ PowerBook or saving a couple hundred bucks and getting the 1 GHz 12″ iBook. If I get the iBook I’d add the 60GB hd, the Airport Extreme card, and Bluetooth card. Which gets the machines damn close. The PB has a little better processor and twice as much video memory….. I will most likely get the PB, but saving a couple hundred bucks is….. saving a couple hundred bucks.

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I won’t hold that against you because I used to be a Mac-hater….. Somewhere in the last year I changed my mind and have been plotting and planning how I could convince my wife I needed one. I’ll go into more detail in blog post here in the next day or so…


Don’t think I have ever hated Apple, just thought they were over priced for what you get and can get for them.

As I always say use what you like. 😉

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