I Love This About The New Powerbook

Erik-Weibusts-Computer:~ erikw$ uptime
20:30  up 3 days, 21:14, 4 users, load averages: 0.41 0.25 0.21

I got this machine on Tuesday afternoon. I fired it up Tuesday evening. Since then it went to and from work with me all week, it went to a friends house with me, and I took it to Starbucks to get a coffee today. If this was my old Toshiba Satellite it would have been rebooted at least 10 times in that span and it would have an uptime of about 2 hours.

This Powerbook has never been turned off! I turned it on Tuesday evening and I haven’t turned it off! It just amazes me. I have Solaris servers at work that have worse uptime’s then this laptop!!!! It truly is amazing.

And the battery. It really does get close to the advertised 5 hours.

I love this laptop!

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5 hr battery time? Now that is what every laptop should be getting.

My dual boot Sager (W2K and VL4.0) gets anywhere from just about 2 to just about 3 depending upon what I am doing with it.

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