What do you think when…

What do you think when you read articles with these types of Headlines: Study: Red wine slows lung cancer? Do you say to yourself, “Lets booze it up!”or “Those doctors must be boozing it up…”?

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I personally think what I have always thought about alcohol, everything in moderation. To be perfectly honest, this really isn’t a recent finding.

For a long time coroners have seen far to many “homeless” “whinos” showing no sign of clogged arteries. Their liver was shot but the evidence was their.

A glass of red wine with your meal helps digestion, and has been proven to help reduce “bad” Colesteral(sp?). IMHO, God provides us with everything we need, how we choose to use it or in alot of cases, abuse it, is up to our free will.

As aside, to this day the people of the Andies(sp?) chew on plant leaves to help them deal with the constant altitude change from all their walking. It’s perfectly healthy and natural with no effects what’s so ever. Once concentrated we all know this plant as cocaine.

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