I need to play catch-up and mention a couple big milestones celebrated this past weekend by people in my family.

First, last Friday (10/29) my little brother, Andrew, got his first job out of college (Texas St). He graduated last May with a double major in MIS and MGMT. The best thing about his new job is where he is working, right here with me at Pegasus Solutions.

Second, my step-brother, Josh Wooten, got married this past Saturday (10/30) in a wonderful ceremony to a beautiful bride Jessica Woodall. Good luck and God’s blessings to Josh and Jessica!

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Tell Andrew congrats. SWT, oops, I mean Texas St. is a great school.

Class of ’95

Hey yall,

Thanks for all the advice I love working for a living and as far as the Texas State vs SWT issue, who cares it still took me more then half a decade to graduate. If it wasn’t for all those smart older siblings telling me how wonderful the real world is, I would still be in school spending lots of my parents hard earned money. Last, but not least, for all of yall who are still in school, stay, don’t leave its a jungle out here.

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