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I spent some time today thinking about what was my favorite CD I got this past year. After much debate I think I’m going with “Reconstruction Site” from the Weakerthans.

Check it out if you’re in a musical “rut” not finding anything new and interesting. Reconstruction Site was released in Jan of 2003. I gotta thank a friend of mine I used to work with at Pegasus Solutions for turning me on to the Weakerthans. They’re really strong. Kind of a cross between…. No, I’m not gonna compare them to other bands. I really don’t like doing that anyways. When I do that I’ll find that people will not listen to them (or any band I classify for that matter) just because they don’t like the band I compare them to.

Check the Weakerthans out from either of these links:
Weakerthans on
Weakerthans on iTunes Music Store

I’d love to hear what were you’re favorite CD’s you got this past year (that “you” would be the people reading this blog). Feel free to click on the comments link and let me know.


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It doesn’t matter if the album was released this year. The Weakerthans CD I mentioned as my favorite was actually released 2 years ago. A buddy I used to work with turned me on to them. And, I don’t care if the band isn’t “mainstream”.

Just let me know what your favorite new CD was you “acquired” this year. 😉


Their Album titled “Melt” is their best. They just recently released their new album “Feels like today” for which I know they have better potential than what they put on this new album.

You can see this by listening to “These Days” and “I Melt” on their album titled “Melt” and their song “I’m movin’ on” which is on their self titled album.

I bet you anything you will like them.

Deconstructing the Reconstruction

Somehow I missed the fact that Jon Samson, former bassist of the Canadian punk band Propagandhi, was also the Jon Sampson of the Weakerthans. This would go a long way in explaining why the Weakerthans are now signed onto Epitaph (Bad Religion’s label…

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