Headphone Hmm…

Here we go. Hmm… number one.

What is the point of labeling headphone earphones with a L and R? Does the music sound better when the earphones are in the correct ear? Is it bad to put the L in the left ear and the R in the right ear? I’m not sure.

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Well, if you are playing a game or watching a movie and the sounds are intended to be on the left or right channel (like those footsteps are coming from the left) it would be important to have the headphones on correctly.

Andy, you are a genius! Great point. I’m not sure that that is the main reason that the earphones have the L and R, but it’s a damn good reason. And, it’s reason enough to have them in the correct ear.

Coming from a PC HW audio background, ergonomics and proper channel alignment, as Andy mentioned, are the main reasons. My ear buds for my sandisk are definately created to fit a certain way in each proper ear.

Speaking of Headphones…

After yesterday’s Hmm… post I find it ironic that my iPod ear buds broke today. They aren’t broke, unusable broke, but where the left-side and right-side split apart the left bud’s cable cover has torn. So now when I look…

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