CD Hmm…

What in the world do I do with the 450+ CDs I have cluttering my home-office? They’ve all been ripped into AAC files and loaded into iTunes on my Powerbook. From the Powerbook harddrive they have filled my 20 GB iPod. The iPod travels everywhere with me making the CDs useless.

Legally, I can’t sell the CDs back to a resale store and still use the AAC files so what do I do? Should I just box them up and stick them in my attic? I’m afraid they’d melt in the hot Dallas, TX summers. Hmm…

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Rules are for sissies. You’ll be selling the cds at an 80% loss (at least) IF you can even sell them.

Do it. Take the apple.

I’d keep them just in case the HD bites the bullet. I don’t who makes them, HD fail. Add Murphy to the equation and it will fail the minute you get rid of the originals. 😉

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