Jobs I Wish I Had…

1. Bench Coach Chicago Cubs
2. Biff Henderson‘s job
3. Vice-President United States

Last on my List… DNC chairmanship

What about you? What are the top 3 jobs you could have? If you want more fun…. put the worst job you could have — in your opinion of course… And I don’t want to see any “My current job” as either a best or worst job. We don’t want readers feeling jealous or sorry of/for you.

4 replies on “Jobs I Wish I Had…”

1. PGA Professional (not really a job, is it?)
1b. Caddie for PGA Professional
2. Mars rover team member / NASA scientist
3. Head Chef of my own restaurant (regional American fare)

Last on my list … data entry (anything repetitive other than swinging a golf club)

Data entry does suck. Talking about PGA stuff. I sat next to a guy that was/is head of security for the PGA. He pretty much has a cake job. And gets to walk around beautiful golf courses every day. I could do that, but playing would be stressful as hell. You gotta win to get paid…

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