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Wired has a great on article on BitTorrent titled, “The BitTorrent Effect” in their January 2005 issue. It covers BitTorrent from a number of angles: it’s development, political issues, media issues, etc.

I personally don’t use BitTorrent. I’ve got a high-speed DSL connection and really don’t see the need. If I was looking to download movies, I might use it, but for now I’m an interested non-user of BitTorrent.

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Use it all the time to download Live Linux CDs. Really dig those things. Must have at least 50 of them scattered around my computer area. I also used it to d/l music that I only have in Album form. Much easier to d/l it then drag out the record player, hook it up via line in, then record everything to wav then rip to MP3. There is also a few podcasts that I listen to that use BT, so for me its been great.

Alot of the linux stuff I d/l could be take directly from their site but to help off load some of the load I use BT per their request.

Same holds true with some of the podcasts that I listen too. Could get them direct but I choose to help them with their bandwidth.

Well Mark, that makes sense. I definitely can see BT being useful to help companies out when it comes to pushing out their products. I’m not sure that I want people pulling code from my machine, though. Something about that doesn’t seem safe.

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