1&1 Web Hosting Suck…

I want to say this for the world to hear.


There, I said it. They have email problems (I’d like to say all-the-time) often. The mail problems are so bad I feel if I don’t bcc myself with every message I send I can’t be sure the recipient got the message.

They had server issues bad enough to take my sites ( and down on and off for over two hours Wednesday, 2/16/05. Whenever I report problems they give the lamest explanation of what happened. Something along the lines of, “Yes we are having/had problems and are working to resolve them.” Come on! Give me some details.

I’m officially looking for somewhere to take my business. Anybody want to sell me on their provider? Normally, you can get credit for drumming-up business for your host.

7 replies on “1&1 Web Hosting Suck…” … they’re brilliant! They just moved to bigger and better servers so their services just got even better! Their “Fantastico” package installer is great, too. Any blog, forum, wiki, portal, etc. software that is open source is one click away from being up and running.

Erik, Check into Hosting Matters. I’ve been using them for about 5 years now. I have the reseller plan but their other plans are very reasonable and they use cpanel.

Hey, I had the same issues as you did, but it wasn’t nearly so bad as that. The server was down once in the past year that I can recall and I am currently hosting 7 domains out of my package.

I’ve had issues dealing with ipowerweb and a couple of resellers who shall remain nameless, but 1&1 has to be the best thing out there as far as I am concerned. Maybe when I set up myservre with them you can move everything to me 🙂

hey all!!!! r u satisfied? im not… but I stick to it.. patience is a virtue. thank you…you must have that…K?

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