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Well, after a couple weeks with the Motorola V551 I realized it wasn’t for me. It was my first “flip-phone” and I just couldn’t get used to the new form factor. So I boxed it up and took it back to my local Cingular store.

The phone I walked out with is the kick-ass Nokia 6230. What an awesome phone! I actually planned on buying it when I got the Motorola V551, but they were out at the time. The 6230 is great. The buttons are small, but I have no problem with “fat-fingering” the wrong keys. Their response is great. If you’ve used a Nokia picking up the 6230 and using it is no different then anything else from them. Yes, the 6230 has a few new features that I haven’t had before in a cell phone. It’s got the digital camera, a digital movie camera, a FM radio, and best of all, BlueTooth.

I’m still not sure what all I can do with BlueTooth and my PowerBook, but I’ll figure it out when I have some free time.

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Nice… I’m with Nextel and just got the i830 (silver) to replace my brick of a phone, the i55sr. So nice to be able to slip the phone in my pocket and not even notice it’s there.

In my world a cell phone is the following:

Item that sits in glove compartment of a car and is only turned on and used for 1 of 3 reasons. Order take out, call ahead to say that I will be late for a group cycling ride, and to find out, while at the supermarket, what I forgot to put on my shopping list.

All I know about my phone is it was free when I signed up thru AAA, for 19bucks a month. Wish I could pay less but that’s the cheapest plan they offer.

Yes I know, I’m weird. 😉

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