First Experience With Craigslist…

…was great! Yup, I’m in love with craigslist.

My friend, Pete, out in San Fran had mentioned craigslist before a number of times and I never paid it much thought. Until I had something I needed to sell. I decided I’d give craigslist a week and see if my iPod would sell there. Talk about selling. I placed my add at 22:22 Wed night and had it sold by 09:00 Thur morning. I doubt I set any records, but HOLY CRAP! The thing sold in under 12 hours and that was 12 nighttime hours.

I couldn’t be happier with my first experience with craigslist. Go check it out. I’m sure there is a craigslist specifically for your city. The site I used was

Thank You Craigslist….

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