Unpacking the new iPod…

Unpacking the iPod

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I’m not sure if I mentioned that I bought a new iPod. I know I mentioned that I was selling my old 20GB iPod. Well, if I didn’t mention it, I have now.

I got a brand spanking new 4th Gen 40GB iPod. I unpacked it last night and took a bunch of pictures along the way. Apple gets high marks for their kick-ass packaging.

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How Fast is FireWire…

Well, FireWire is fast enough that I was able to load 4799 songs ripped at 160 kbps in AAC file format from my PowerBook to my new iPod in 45 mins 59 seconds. Very friggin’ fast, that’s how fast FireWire…

Yeah, $350 is steep, my wife would have never signed off on me spending $350. Here was my sale.

– $140 (what i got for my old iPod)

– $45 (new iPod in-ear headphones I returned)

$165 out of pocket……

And that was my $165 anyhow so my wife really couldn’t complain…

4th Gen means it is an iPod with the grey click-wheel and bigger battery.


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