Big News Here, Quick Version…

That last post was definitely a record for me in the word count category. Let me give a quick recap.

On Friday, April 1, my birthday and April Fools Day I did two huge, life changing things. First, I accepted a job to go work in a software startup venture. Second, I quit my job with CCS, giving them my two-weeks notice.

CCS didn’t accept my two-weeks so I’ll be starting my new job Monday, April 11. I will be working in a Unix/Java shop writing a cutting-edge Rich Internet Application (RiA).

Lastly, I’m holding-back all the juicy details about the new job until I actually start and know what is and is not “off limits” for my blogging pleasure.

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Subclipse on Fedora Core 3

Well, I started the new job yesterday. It was very exciting. Pretty much a lot of discussion stuff. This is what we’re working on. Here are some of the philosophies were gonna go with. Stuff like that. Today, I’ve been…

Thanks Frank!

The new job is great. I can’t wait to be able to blog about how fast we’re moving. In the next week I think I’ll have an “alpha” release to point people to.


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