Subclipse on Fedora Core 3

Well, I started the new job yesterday. It was very exciting. Pretty much a lot of discussion stuff. This is what we’re working on. Here are some of the philosophies were gonna go with. Stuff like that. Today, I’ve been busy writing code. Not bad, First thing on my 2nd day and I’m hard at work writing Java code.

I couldn’t be happier with my dev machine. A big bad box running Fedora Core 3. My previous job was cool, but it was all Windows, even the friggin’ servers were Windows. The only problem with the new box is that I haven’t used Eclipse on a linux box before. Eclipse is easy. The problem is that I need the Subclipse plugin and that doesn’t appear to be as straightforward.

I’m still not ready to get into all the good details about what I’m working on, but the reason I need Subclipse is that I need to build Jakarta Commons FeedParser and it’s only available from a subversion repository.

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I am trying to install Subclipse on my Fedora Core 3. I do not know how to build the javahl. It complains that javahl interface not found. If you have succeeded (I hope so ) in setting Subclipse, can you give me a HOW TO…. for this? I really appreciate your time.

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