Trans Am Flickr Set

1970s Trans Am Hoods Flickr Set

Originally uploaded by Erik Weibust.

I’ve created a new Flickr set with a number of pictures of 1970s Trans Am hoods. Ever since I was a kid and saw Smokey and the Bandit I’ve been in love with the cars. Anyhow, there is a car museum/ sale lot (Volo Auto Museum)that has a bunch of 70s Trans Ams and I go check them out each time I’m back in Chicago. I’ve got some more pictures that I’ll add to this set when I find them.

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Dude, the Trans-Am rocks! Like you, I feel in love with those cars as well, Smokey and the Bandit is one of my favorite movies! My brother had a Lt. Brown, 78 TA, fully loaded, T-Tops, 400 Engine, sparkly dash, etc., the chicks loved it! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Nice pictures, honey. But we aren’t interested in a third car yet…
You can play all you want after our kids have graduated COLLEGE!

Jeez! My wife is already saying “NO” to a Trans Am and I haven’t even asked yet….. Please, Katie!!!!! Please, Please…… I’ll empty the dishwasher for a year straight…..


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