New Feed – Just Java Posts…

I’ve come to the conclusion that a chunk of what I blog about is a little “extreme” for the average Java guy looking for the average Java-blog. With that thought in mind I’ve just created a “java only” feed. I’ll get a link up on my site here shortly, but for those that just can’t wait feel free to subscribe to the java feed here.

I have also finally signed this blog up over at java.blogs. Part of what was keeping me from signing up was that I didn’t have the “java only” feed. I do now and now you can catch me there

Disclaimer: I’m in the process of finding the right Java-based blog tool to move this site to and things might have to change. I’d assume that all blogs support “category-based” feeds, but I haven’t confirmed it.

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Nice…the subscribers at java blogs will undoubtedly throw some extra traffic your way and bring some good discussion on all your java posts.

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