Need a Webhost With Tomcat…

As I’ve blogged about here and here. I’m about to move this blog to a Java-based tool. With that move I’ll obviously need a webhost that supports Java and specifically offers a web-container. I’ve found a couple that look good and are very affordable. It’s down to and

I’d like to be real cheap and go with a shared JVM/Tomcat instance, but I think I’ll throw in the extra couple of dollars and get a private JVM/Tomcat instance. I really like this private Tomcat instance plan at for only $14.95/month.

I’m open to feedback by those of you out there that are happy with your hosts.

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I’m also in the process of moving my website from self-hosting to a hosting company. I haven’t created my account yet, but my choice for hosting will be eapps ( Why? Not only do I get a private JVM/Tomcat, but a whole “private” server, with their support for Virtual Private Server, which lets you be root of your own virtual server. And all that (with tomcat) for only $20/month.

I’m currently with 4java and looking for somewhere else to host my java apps. The environment is not horrible but the support is very limited. Only one ticket response per day – when they respond at all. How did eapps pan out?


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