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Surely, you have heard the quotes from Rev. Pat Robertson? I hope what you heard wasn’t all cut up to make him look bad. His point was before we spend $200 billion in a war with Venezuela an assassination plot might make sense. Yes, what he said was a little extreme, but do we want a Communist state in Venezuela?

Pat Robertson story on

Pat Robertson story on

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So this is what we’ve come to…first option is assassinate. Ok, so probably not the first option, but the fact that we the public have to be involved in discussions of possible assassinations is ludicrous. We might as well put these issues on the ballot and start voting on who we kill next.

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Interesting view. What about Cindy Sheehan’s right to free speech? Seems you weren’t too keen on her right. I don’t agree with her, nor do I agree with Pat Robertson. However they can say whatever they want – free speech as it is.

What I find odd is for a religous “leader” to be condoning killing. I wonder when we’ll see the Pope, pontificate about killing someone. Heck I wonder, maybe next Sunday when I go to church there’ll be a hit list posted in the weekly bulletin.


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I have no problem with Sheehan using her right to free speech. My problem with her is the way she is disrespecting her son. He wanted to be in the US Military. He was doing what he wanted and believed in. Now his mom is using his name for a stance he didn’t believe in. That is wrong and people need to tell her how wrong she is.

On the religious leaders condoning killing point. Read the history books. Have you heard of the Crusades?


It’s her son, if she chooses to “disrespect” I guess she’s basically got that right. Clearly her husband doesn’t have that same opinion – with divorce and all.

Yeah I’ve heard of crusades. We are quite critical of the jihhadists within the Islamic community. Are you saying they are within their right since well they are following their belief?

Oh by the way found your blog from reading through Simon Browne’s stuff on his Pebble blogging software. Was trying to find some multiuser installs and just got to reading your stuff.

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