Cindy Sheehan… GO HOME…


Your son is dead. He isn’t coming back. President Bush didn’t kill him. He volunteered to be a part of our military. Quit disrespecting him.


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Cindy Sheenan Keep Fighting!

Sorry Erik, I disagree with you. I have a Brother in the Army and if he came home in a body bag I too would blame Bush. I already blame him for this whole mess in the first place!

This war was started on false accusations, false grounds, greed and sus…

Too bad President Bush doesn’t show his love for the occupation of Iraq by encouraging his daughters to join the Marines. But then again, why should they — they have all the wealth they need. Let the poor people join the Marines and fight the hopeless battle to colonize Iraq for the oil barrons.

The argument that President Bush isn’t pushing his daughters into Iraq is flat out stupid. Nobody if forced to join the military rich or poor. Now why don’t you quit being a coward and use your real name?


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