What Java Has Going For It…


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In doing my daily reading I was checking out Erik’s Linkblog. I saw an interesting post, “What Java Has Going For It“. Being a Java programmer I felt like some good, positive Java points could be useful with all the fuss about Ruby and Ruby on Rails lately. So I click the link and… BOOM!

I get a page with a big, fat Java Exception StackTrace… Yikes… That isn’t a positive. Anyhow, it was obviously ironic and funny. So I grabbed a screenshot.

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What the frak!?! No coach Fran rants? Just Java and ipod stuff? I was looking forward to some good Coach Fran trashing. 🙂

I highly recommend you take a look at Ruby on Rails. If nothing more to just to say you did. My lord how much more intuitive can it be to have 3 directories labeled controllers, views, models?

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