Awesome Cygwin/Tail Hack…

I came across a great post on Lance Hankins’s weblog. It showed how to setup a right-click send-to command that allows you to right-click on files in a windows explorer window and have them open in a Cygwin window while being tailed. Lance has “pretty” screenshots and detailed instructions for setting it up so I won’t regurgitate them here.

I did have one problem with his instructions for the “special case” of files with spaces in their name/path. I found that his instructions didn’t work on my machine. The tail would launch and then the screen would immediately die.

What I did to fix it was change the batch file

start “tail on path with spaces” c:\dev\cygwin\bin\tail.exe -n 1000 -f “%1”

start “tail on path with spaces” c:\dev\cygwin\bin\tail.exe -n 1000 -f %1

If you missed it; all I did was remove the double-quotes from around the %1 at the end of the statement.

Read the full post on Lance’s blog.

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