Best Way to Install Eclipse Web Tools Platform

I corrupted my install of Eclipse on Saturday morning while trying to get the Spring IDE installed. Lucky for me, I follow one of the Eclipse Best Practices of keeping my workspace in a directory that is NOT under my Eclipse install. The only plugin I was using was the Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP going forward).

Call me crazy but I find the install instructions for WTP to be VERY LACKING. I just get lost in the details they provide. First, I get to the instructions by clicking on FAQ from the WTP page. Then I click on #7, “How to install WTP.” From here I get frustrated trying to choose between the “auto” install and the “manual” install. The instructions for both seem a bit off, and out-dated.

I guess I’m issuing an official CALL FOR HELP. What’s the best route for installing WTP? Can I use the 3.2 M5 release?

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What I do is install WTP into its own extension location, as well as installing its dependecies in their own extension location.

I’ve documented using extension locations here:

So, for wtp, I unzip the wtp zip into ~/eclipse-config/wtp and create the .eclipseextension file:


Likewise for wtp’s dependenncies, emf, gef and jem:


And when I run eclipse, I just add these locations to my setup (Help->Software Updates -> Manage Config)

This way upgrading is just a matter of replacing the extension location with a new set of files, and running eclipse -clean to refresh plugin cache.

Thanks for the detailed instructions, Matt.

So if I go to the WTP download page what do I need to download? Up at the top of the page they have some prereqs. Do I pull those down? There is an EMF driver, GEF driver, and a EMF Model Runtime? And what the heck is a eclipse driver? Sorry, that was off subject.

Then under WebTools Platform; Runtime there is a and Do I need both of those? After the WTP zips there are WST zips. Do I need those?

This is my problem with WTP!!!!!! None of this is documented!!!!


Been there done that 🙂 It is possible using only update sites.

Import this list of update sites:

Software Updates->
Find and Install…->
Search For New Features to Install->
Import Sites…->

Hmm…won’t let me post’ll just have to create update sites for the following URLs:

Eclipse 3.1:
Eclipse 3.0:

After creating update sites, select them and click on Finish

Eclipse will go off and search for updates..go get coffee…

Deselect Show Only Latest Version of a Feature

Select *ONLY* WTP -> Web Tools Project

Click on Select Required button is self explanatory.

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