New Favorite Eclipse Plugin…

Yup. I have a new favorite Eclipse plugin. It’s the viPlugin and it ROCKS!

*** Disclaimer ***
If you don’t like vim you’ll hate this plugin. 🙂

Yeah, a guy I met in a Spring class I was taking last month turned me on to the viPlugin and I’m forever in debt to him. The plugin just rocks. Well worth the $18 I paid for it. Dang near all the vim functionality I need/use is there.

I’m having a couple conflicts with some Eclipse keyboard shortcuts I like. Deciding between the Eclipse shortcuts and the vim shortcuts is making me a bit crazy, but this plugin is a keeper. And, YES, there is a trial version. Here is a comparison between the free and paid versions.

So the viPlugin is my favorite Eclipse plugin. What is yours? (leave it in the comments, please)

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