Congrats Andrew and Danielle…

My little brother, Andrew, got married to Danielle on Saturday. I couldn’t be happier for him and Danielle. And I know that everyone in my family is thrilled to officially make/have Danielle as a Weibust.

The entire weekend was awesome. There was a rehearsal Friday night. Then we all went for a fajita dinner at Lupe Tortilla. Saturday started early with Andrew and his groomsmen playing golf at Cypresswood. After golf we quickly got dressed and headed to Trinity Lutheran (the church I attended most of my life) for the wedding. The service was perfect and surprisingly Noah did great as a ring-bearer. We all left the church and went to celebrate at the reception (I hate to say I don’t remember the name of the place, maybe Andrew will comment here). The reception was awesome. Lots of good food, drinks, cake, family, and friends. The weekend wrapped with a big party at my mom’s house.

I’ll try to gather some pictures together and get them posted.

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Can you please tell Andrew I said congratulations and I am happy to see all of you doing so well. I see him out every once in awhile, but not sure the next time I would see him…thanks,


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