More Tweaks to Erik’s Hmm…

I just made a fairly obvious “tweak” to this site. It’s something I’ve had on my list since the last round of tweaks. I’ve added the oh-so-popular Yahoo Ads. Feel free to click away (I didn’t type that did I?).

The next thing on my list is “cleaning-up” the list of Categories I use. You can tell from looking at the list that I used to use all kinds of different categories. That was confusing for readers and myself. Some time ago, probably a year or so, I switched to three simple categories. Sports, for, take a guess, yes, sports related posts. Java, for…. No, not just Java stuff, but for all tech related posts. Yeah, it should be titled Tech, but then I would have to change a bunch of stuff, including rss feeds. And lastly, Personal. Which is everything that is not sports or tech. It’s my “catch-all”.

Anyhow, I need to “tweak” the side-bar Category code to only show the 3 Categories, or heck, I might just remove it altogether. Hmm…. Removing the category list would certainly be the easy out.

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Boy, that Ad-Block Plus for Firefox works great on Yahoo Ads. Didn’t even know they were added since they have never shown up.

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