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I am buying a new laptop in the next couple weeks. I’ve ruled out the MacBook Pro. It’s just too expensive. I’ve ruled out 17-inch laptops because they’re too big and bulky.

Right now I’m looking at the HP Pavillion DV6245us. It has damn near everything I can think of.  It’s only negative is an on-board video card.  I’m also kicking around the idea of getting a MacBook.  I’m just a bit worried that the screen will be too small.

Anyhow, anybody out there have any opinions on either of the above mentioned laptops?  Do you have any input on a great laptop that I must have?  I’m looking to keep my total around $1300.

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E. While it would be another windows box, I like the Dell D620 I have for work. It has the CoreDuo and that actually has made things run a lot smoother (NetBeans, tomcat, outlook, firefox, antivirus, etc. all at the same time) on 1 gig of memory. The wireless works great and if you add the extra Nvida graphics it is not too bad for games. Of course I was just testing the video to make sure that it works. Andy

Whats up E. Just ran upon your blog while search for some DNA sequencing info for school. I would recommend making the switch to Apple. I have the MacBook personally and recommend it to whoever I talk to. I used to be a IT consultant for windows machines and after I made the switch I quite my job because I couldn’t deal with the frustrations anymore. There are obviously some quirks with macs, just like with windows but overall the experience has been enlightening. In addition, since I see you will be making/posting more videos of Noah, Mac has AMAZING software to do all those fun things you enjoy. It makes me want to have a family to document….well, maybe not quite but you get the idea.

Hope this helps. Fell free to email me if you’re still hunting and have any questions.

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