Dirk Nowitski sucks!  He played like sh!t the entire Golden State series.  The only time he looked worth a damn was when there was no pressure.  Yes, he looked ok at the end of Game 5, but when you’re down 3 games to 1 I’d call it a meaning-less game cuz you aren’t coming back.

I hope Cuban trades Dirk this offseason.  Get me an American that isn’t afraid to get fouled!!!

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Hmm… I’d say the Rockets chance are as good as anybody else’s chances in the West, but I think I’m ready to put my energy behind the Chicago Bulls.


Anybody but the smug Nellie, Davis, Jackson combo. GS just became the most hated team (even over Duh-Wade). I hope Nellie loses his 6.6 million in arbitration.

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