Windows Safari Sucks Behind our Proxy Server

I was pretty excited to see Apple release Safari for Windows this week. I quickly grabbed it and installed. The problem is that I fire it up and it can’t get past our corporate proxy server.

I say to myself, no problem, it probably needs to be manually configured. So I go to Edit -> Preferences and then click through the tabs looking for a place to configure my internet connection/proxy settings. I found “Proxies” on the “Advanced” tab; the only problem is the bastard is disabled (greyed-out).

I guess Safari isn’t ready for the Windows business world.

Please login to proxy?Not allowed to modify your proxy settings.

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Same thing here. I guess we’ll have to wait for the release. Still a very good thing – it’s as close as we can get to testing our apps in Safari without getting a Mac. 🙂

I agree, Jing. Apple releasing Safari for Windows saved me a lot of cash. Now I don’t need to buy an Apple.


Safari beta 3 is crashing behind the MS ISA proxy. But it is working fine behind the websense which will forward the connection again thru the ISA.



Do you have any ideas on how I can get Safari running here at my office?

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