Favorite Notepad Replacements…

I’m looking for a notepad replacement for my new Vista laptop. I’ve used them all. I’m wondering what others like and why. Please provide feedback. 🙂

The notepad replacements I’ve used are:

I’m normally very opinionated about things. The fact that I haven’t picked one simple text editor and “claimed” it bothers me. Help me get a strong opinion for a good notepad replacement.

Just in case you’re wondering how I feel about other tools.

  • Vim over emacs
  • Eclipse over IntelliJ
  • Groovy over Ruby
  • Bud Light over Miller
  • and the list goes on and on….

I pretty much pick a stance or favorite with everything.

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NoteTabe Lite – Two thumbs up. Even has tabs.

As for me, Xemacs over both regular emacs and vi.

I must pass on the Ruby and Java stuff because those are two languages that I have never worked with. My wife is currently working with Java and some C++.

thx for the 2 extra votes. i’ll try both out tomorrow when i’m in front of my windows machine.

Mark, you’re not gonna get me arguing vi over emacs. I like vi, and will leave it at that. 🙂

Don’t worry because it would be a very short argument because I don’t really care about any of them. Long live Pico!!!!!

Sorry had to do it. lol

UltraEdit. Not free, but inexpensive. Great editor with plugins for many languages. And you can edit remote files – great for editing server configs.

Or, you can just switch to a Mac and used TextMate 😉

Ultraedit FTW! You’re a professional software developer. Quit being cheap with the tools. Same applies to Eclipse vs IDEA 😉

Tim… Just cuz you make the big bucks doesn’t mean you need to spend them on a friggin’ text editor. 🙂 What does UE offer that the offer editors I’ve listed doesn’t offer? Plz answer me that.

If $50 is the “big bucks”, you need to ditch that sweatshop consulting gig and come back here 😉
Ultraedit has a trial version. Give it a test drive. I’ve been using it now for eight years. Haven’t found anything else that comes close.

I’m not believing you even made this blog entry. Something other than vi ? Has the world already come to an end ? I must be dreaming.

Don’t think that I’m saying I don’t like vi….. I just need a windows editor… and I really need to let go of vi…. Damn! I can’t believe I just typed that.

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