Favorite Notepad Replacements…

I’m looking for a notepad replacement for my new Vista laptop. I’ve used them all. I’m wondering what others like and why. Please provide feedback. 🙂

The notepad replacements I’ve used are:

I’m normally very opinionated about things. The fact that I haven’t picked one simple text editor and “claimed” it bothers me. Help me get a strong opinion for a good notepad replacement.

Just in case you’re wondering how I feel about other tools.

  • Vim over emacs
  • Eclipse over IntelliJ
  • Groovy over Ruby
  • Bud Light over Miller
  • and the list goes on and on….

I pretty much pick a stance or favorite with everything.

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NoteTabe Lite – Two thumbs up. Even has tabs.

As for me, Xemacs over both regular emacs and vi.

I must pass on the Ruby and Java stuff because those are two languages that I have never worked with. My wife is currently working with Java and some C++.

thx for the 2 extra votes. i’ll try both out tomorrow when i’m in front of my windows machine.

Mark, you’re not gonna get me arguing vi over emacs. I like vi, and will leave it at that. 🙂

UltraEdit. Not free, but inexpensive. Great editor with plugins for many languages. And you can edit remote files – great for editing server configs.

Or, you can just switch to a Mac and used TextMate 😉

Ultraedit FTW! You’re a professional software developer. Quit being cheap with the tools. Same applies to Eclipse vs IDEA 😉

Tim… Just cuz you make the big bucks doesn’t mean you need to spend them on a friggin’ text editor. 🙂 What does UE offer that the offer editors I’ve listed doesn’t offer? Plz answer me that.

If $50 is the “big bucks”, you need to ditch that sweatshop consulting gig and come back here 😉
Ultraedit has a trial version. Give it a test drive. I’ve been using it now for eight years. Haven’t found anything else that comes close.

I’m not believing you even made this blog entry. Something other than vi ? Has the world already come to an end ? I must be dreaming.

Don’t think that I’m saying I don’t like vi….. I just need a windows editor… and I really need to let go of vi…. Damn! I can’t believe I just typed that.

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