Tahoe Vacation…

Two weekends ago I went on a vacation to North Lake Tahoe. We stayed at the North Lake Tahoe Hyatt, an awesome resort. Absolutely beautiful place. Great casino. Great pool. Great restaurants. Great bars. We had a great time!

The best thing… the whole trip was free! I work at this awesome company, Credera, and we take a company vacation every year. This year was a ski trip to Tahoe. We skied at Northstar. We rode a paddle boat on the lake for a dinner cruise. Katie and I went and jumped in the hot tub. That was a strange experience. Snow and cold everywhere and Katie and I are outside in our swimsuits enjoying the hot tub.

I have a handful of pics, and a few videos from the slopes. I’ll post below. I have to say that Katie again showed why she is the best wife ever. She went to ski school with me and was completely bored and I wasn’t that nice. It was my first trip and the ski instruction took a bit longer to sink in. Anyhow, by the end of the day, I felt pretty good about my abilities. It was a lot of fun and most of it was because Katie followed close behind me telling me what to do. I have no doubt we’ll go skiing again.

5 thoughts on “Tahoe Vacation…”

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  2. Annie – I love this photo!! I bet your mom loved being there with you!!(By the way, I’m having trbluoe posting comments on your blog using my google account. I kept trying to post on this one a week ago but it kept doing weird things anyway, I am trying something different!!)

  3. JOhn, that was awesome. I have finally been on several flights over Iraq and here soon Kuwait. I will try to get some video for you.I hope you are well. I sure do miss my bike. In fact i already know what I want next. I cross bones. peace brother.

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