Barack Obama’s Phone Number…

Barack Obama just called me asking for his support in tomorrow’s Texas Primary.  I’ve pulled his number from my caller-id.  If you want to reach Barack, his number is 866.675.2008.

Let him know I’m a Republican and I think he would be a HORRIBLE President.

13 thoughts on “Barack Obama’s Phone Number…”

  1. He only called your home phone? I gave him your cell too while we were having a beer with Hillary 😉 Come away from the dark side….

  2. Barack Obama and all of his supporters can kiss my ass. If he were elected president, our country would go down the drain. Our military would not be funded, our economy would be crippled from his outrageous tax plan, and forget about having foreign policy or foreign relations. He can talk? Who gives a shit…Hitler gave great speeches too, and look how well that leadership went. He will probably bring change, but not the country wants. It will be the change that Barack Obama and Osama Bin Laden want.

  3. hey obama i’m a african american and i would love you to be peisdent of the united states of america and i hope you win good luck love you hit me up latesha

  4. maybe enough usa citizens are intelligent enough to see ”america is too young to die, just a baby still and splitting at the heart makes me cry.” along with the 700B bail out we lost more of the constitution-it was either a bail out or a ransom words matter. we could elect dr. ron paul or anyone else if we had legal honest elections or if we all voted as citizens without labels for the best our country offers. usa citizens just lost the country our ancestors cried suffered and died to give us. the secty of the treasury paulson aided by senate and congress has enslaved all of us and our grandchildren for generations. the next 7 yrs are judgemental there is no real freedom left but we may have time to save the constitution i doubt it will happen the food and water shortage added to oil and cost of living is going to clear the fog too late.

  5. guess what?! CHICKEN BUTT! I like cereal and idk know who is going to win for president. And I don’t really care because the United Ststes is going to go wrond anyways. So what is the point? Seriously. I mean like I can care less on what they think about the United States, all I want to do is eat one damn cookie! GOD! that is not so hard! Okayy!;; Godd Day to yu peoples!

  6. If they (the democratic party) call my house for change one more time I am going to bring all 4 of my phones out in the back yard and shoot them with my shotgun.


  8. Damera,

    You know, when chosing a president of the United States you should think about how well they are going to protect our country, not the color of their skin. When deciding on who you are going to vote for, you should consider the amount of experience they have and how honest they are about the past aspects of their life. Think long and hard before you make your decision by the color of their skin.

  9. My God is that all the republicans are saying, don’t think about the colour of their skin, we are not. Obama may be inexperienced but so was kenedy, if your going on experience then John Mcain may not even last the 4 years, so it doesn’t matter, and his VP is even less experienced than Obama. Apart from that she is the stupidest woman i have seen on TV, and thats a big statement

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