I gave up on Vista…

I tried to like it…  I tried for just about a year…  I bought an HP laptop last April with Vista and then when I started working at Credera in November I got a Dell with Vista.  So I gave Vista a shot both at home and work.  Guess what…  IT SUCKED IN BOTH PLACES!  Yup, Vista flat out sucks.  Most people know this.  I’m not saying anything new here.  This post is mostly to say that I had my work machine rebuilt with XP.  It works and feels soooooo much beter.

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I’m giving Vista another try on my laptop now that SP1 is out. Seems to run quicker, but still has quirky issues with non-Microsoft software (i.e. MySQL wouldn’t install cleanly). I’ll give it a month to frustrate the hell out of me, then cycle to either Ubuntu or XP.


WHY???? Uninstall Vista right now! It sucks! It’s still not as fast as XP and I swear I read that SP1 actually slowed it down. Google it, because I know I read that.

As for the problem with MySQL… I fought through that. I *might* give Vista a pass on that one. I think it’s a security thing that MySQL should have taken care of. Either way, I had the same problem. The fix is nuts! You have to download a third party utility to open up the installer and tweak some param. I was gonna blog about it, but decided to just dump Vista instead.


Arrived here in relation to your ‘spam’ posting on the wordpress site – I swapped to Apple OS almost two years ago – once you get over the hype – I love using my Mac and it feels much more like a community that the MS world. You might remember that MS called IBM ‘suits’ well I think MS are the suits now.

There have been a couple of research reports that are spreading doom and gloom for MS – and when you look at Vista you have to give these credence.

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I’m with you on the doom and gloom for MS. I think they need to really look at their competitors and rethink their strategy.

Google is doing the whole web-based, Office suite. I have no doubt that Google will have an entire web-based OS before long.

Apple is winning the OS war. They also are coming out with a nice alternative to Office.

Linux is still getting better and better.

I would be selling my MS stock, if I had any.

Glad to hear you bailed on Vista, too. What a joke of an OS.

I installed Ubuntu 8.04 on Friday night. I agree, it’s bad ass. I was floored at how the UX is improved. Clicking on a video doesn’t make you jump through a bunch of apt-get hoops to get your video working. A couple yes answers and you are good. I’ll have a full review posted soon.

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