I just bought a Nintendo Wii

Yup, I just bought a Nintendo Wii! I also bought the Wii Play (so I could get a 2nd controller, and for my first game purchase I bought Guitar Hero 3. Other then having to run TechFest on Saturday, this weekend will be consumed by the Wii. I think I’ll impose some rule where Daddy plays twice, then Noah, then Zach, then Mommy, then Daddy again twice. 🙂

Anybody want to recommend any games or accessories? I’m pretty certain my next purchase will be MarioKart, but after that I’m looking for suggestions.

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Awesome! The Guitar Hero games (I, II, III) are true greatness, how cool is it to be able to play songs like “Welcome to the Jungle” in front of thousands of sreamin’ fans! Tip: Take the time to master hammer-ons and pull-ofs, it will pay major dividends down the road to Rock God Status! Also, spend the $$ to get a second guitar so two people can team up on lead/bass, lead/rythym or compete against each other. One more, don’t tie the bandana too tight, you will cut off the oxygen and pass out… 🙂

Without a shadow of a doubt, I would have to say Wii Fit.

Fantastic fun and lost three pounds in a week. Nintendo and their development team have got it right again, it may not be the hottest on visuals but playability is fantastic.


I don’t even know what your advice means. That said, I simply came home, plugged everything in, and started playing. Without reading the instructions.

How do I get past Easy mode? Or how to I get the bonus songs? I played each song in Easy mode and have the high score on each one?

The only “must have” game I didn’t see in your list is Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Brothers is suppose to be awesome if you have people to play with/against a lot.

I’m not a huge fan of the Wii in general, but recognize that if I had kids, I’d probably use/like it about 2700% more than I do now… right now it’s been a DVD-coaster for about 5 months after I got mad at Resident Evil 4 and stopped playing it.

One day I will find a good use for it… I might just try and stuff cold-cuts in the slot-loading tray and see if I can make it a meat dispenser for quick-n-easy lunch fixens’!

I’ve heard Mario Galaxy is great. My next purchase is MarioKart, then either a sports game or Galaxy.

Anybody have a recommendation for a baseball game?

Have you seen Funtwo playing surfing with the alien on Guitar Hero on youtube? I thought wow this guy looks good, better put the Guitar Hero 3 back in its box, then he comes on an and plays the song with Joe Satriani on a real guitar

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