No Cuil in Cuil…

Cuil still can’t find themselves…  The Cuil search engine launched today and numerous people are pointing out that when you google cuil in the cuil search engine (did you like how I used the term google when talking about searching on cuil?  yeah, it was a bad joke.  sorry.) you don’t find anything about the cuil search engine!.!.  Yeah, it is a WTH moment.  You’d think they’d index themselves and allow for google searches on cuil (yeah I tried the same joke twice in one post.  sorry) to pull up their own site.

Note to Cuil… Please try harder to be Cool.

One thought on “No Cuil in Cuil…”

  1. Bill Clinton gave us Somalia and Osama, sold our rocket technology to China, wiretapped Americans without a warrant, and of course Monica (the other president, Hillary, hid the subpoenaed files until the legal limitations ran out then suddenly “found” them)

    In both the House and Senate, small groups of Democrats have begun meeting informally with Republicans to try to come up with a bipartisan response to soaring oil prices; opening up new areas to drilling is part of the mix. Leaders of the Blue Dog coalition are openly pressing for drilling in the Arctic refuge and elsewhere.

    But backers of the drilling ban have pushed back furiously and appear to have bolstered some of their colleagues. Senator Barbara Boxer, a California Democrat who has been fighting offshore drilling since the 1970s, has been cornering fellow senators to impress upon them the importance of the ban to Californians, comparing it to a mainstay of farm-state senators.

    “This is our ethanol,” Boxer said of protecting the coast from oil drilling.

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