Shannon Hoon

Wow… The whole Amy Winehouse death, at the age of 27, freaked me out. Two of my favorite musicians died at 27, Kurt Cobain and Shannon Hoon. Both dudes were way messed up with drugs and lost control. Both killed themselves. One with a shotgun blast to the head and the other with a dipshit drug overdose. Their deaths both upset me for awhile and then left me pissed off. I loved their music, still do.

Anyhow, I’ve been disappointed that I haven’t seen Shannon Hoon’s name in any of the stupid comparisson articles with the “27 club“. He belongs in that list, so I felt like calling that out here. Google Shannon Hoon, or Blind Melon and then listen to some of his stuff. He died eight weeks after their second album came out. I love it and still listen to it all the time. I hate thinking about the music he never got to write and preform.  I’m sure it would have been awesome.

Enjoy this video if you miss Shannon Hoon’s music or want to see why I bothered writing this post…

Blind Melon – Change

The weird thing about that video was that Blind Melon performed that song on Letterman the day Kurt Cobain was found dead.  And Hoon makes a clear statement, even says it during the song, that he doesn’t want to die.  Yet he kills himself the next year.  Bummer.  Drugs mess people up…

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