Testing my MovableType install.


The Fightin’ Texas Aggies….

… are back. They played their first game in the Coach Fran era this weekend and put on one hell of a defensive show. Yes, it was Arkansas State, but hey, it’s a win. They’re undefeated. They’re over .500. They’re tied for first in the conference. And with any luck they might work their way into the top 25 with another win this week.


What a weekend…

This past weekend we celebrated Noah’s 1st birthday with a big, old party at our house. It was fun. I think he had a good time. He definitely enjoyed his first taste of cake. See the pics here. On behalf of Noah I’d like to thank everyone who came, he loves all the new toys…..


Where the heck…

… have you been? That’s what most of you probably have been saying. Well, I was on vacation. Down in Houston and San Antonio, TX. Last Tue-Thur I was at Minute Maid Park watching my beloved Cubs play the Astros. The Cubs won 1 of 3. I hoped for better. Mark Prior did pitch a gem, though.

From Houston I went to San Antonio for a bachelor party. It was fun, fun, fun. We stayed at a great, old, historic hotel, the Menger. One plus of staying at the Menger is that it is literally across the street from The Alamo. Just a friendly reminder, “Remember The Alamo!”

I came back to work Tuesday and have been swamped playing catch-up. Wednesday I was in training all day. Today, I’ve got a number of things to do. First on my list, get something posted on uptime. The only problem is that my laptop is “in the shop” and it has my bookmark to the uptime site where I post.

Look for more regular posts as I get more used to this.



What a Draft….

My fantasy football draft was Friday night and it went well. I took over a last place team and needed to get some good players for this year and some good, young talent for the future. Here is how the draft played out:

Rd 1- Trung Canidate, RB WAS
Rd 2- Ashley Lelie, WR DEN
Rd 2- Robert Ferguson, WR GB (via trade)
Rd 3- Marcus Pollard, TE IND
Rd 4- Pittsburgh Steelers, DEF PIT
Rd 5- Garrison Hearst, RB SAN
Rd 6- Mike Vanderjagt, K IND
Rd 6- Chris Brown, RB TEN (via trade)
Rd 6- Troy Brown, WR NEW (via trade)
Rd 7- Byron Leftwich, QB JAC
Rd 8- Tony Hollings, RB HOU

I will most like make a small trade or two before the season starts.


Tonight, is Draft Night, Baby!!!!

I love technology stuff, java and linux related things. The technology addiction started young, but really took off in college, and now it’s with me all day at work and at home.

Another obsession is SPORTS! Baseball first, then football, then basketball, and lastly the others. Part of my sports addiction is playing fantasy sports. I play fantasy football and baseball, have been playing for about 6 years, love it. I think it takes something away from the, “I like this team mentality”, but it really helps you learn everything about every player, on all the teams.

This year I’m in a new fantasy football league. It’s a “keeper-league”. That means you keep some players on your roster, just like in the NFL. And you have to cut players after the season, and then you draft to fill your needs. This is different from how I’ve played in the past. Where all the teams start from scratch each year and build a team from the pool of all players.

The team I bought/inherited finished in last place last year. The team is crap. I had no problem finding 8 players (you cut 8 of your 16 man roster in the off-season) to cut. I’m pretty sure I won’t even make the playoffs this year. It’s very similar to the NFL in that I’m gonna have a “rebuilding” year. As the title of this blog states, it is draft night, and I’ll be looking for some quality, young players that can help me out some this year, but really be “stand-outs” in the future.

Here are my keepers:
Bledsoe, Drew QB BUF
Favre, Brett QB GB
Davis, Stephen RB CAR
Hambrick, Troy RB DAL
Williams, Moe RB MIN
Galloway, Joey WR DAL
Horn, Joe WR NO
Smith, Jimmy WR JAC

I’ll post tomorrow and give a draft update.



Yesterday was a big win for the Cubs. They are currently 1.5 games out of first.

If I was an Astros or Cardinals fan I’d be very afraid…….


Someone thinks I’ve got something to say…

I worked my way on to the list of authors that write weekly columns for uptime.

Uptime is a site/newsletter dedicated to providing the Linux community with some valuable, entertaining information on Linux related topics, and a forum to discuss them. At least that’s my take on uptime. Here is Tony’s take on what uptime is in the first article/post on uptime. Tony is the creator and lead author at uptime, and I guess I have to thank him for letting me write there.

I will be contributing, on a weekly basis, to a column for Linux “newbies”. The first article can be found here.

You can find something new on/at uptime just about every day.


What I did last weekend

It was another trip down to Houston, this one wasn’t the standard trip down to see family. It was to attend the wedding of a friend/fraternity brother. Katie and I had a great time. It’s fun to see old college friends and “catch-up” in person. Katie and I have said we are really going to make an effort to see our friends more often when we go down to Houston.


Comments up?

I think I have “comments” working. Let me know if you have any problems.

In the very near future I plan on making this “half-ass” site public knowledge. After that time I might see some comments generated by people other then myself.