apt-get Notes for an Ubuntu user…

I’m adjusting to life as an Ubuntu user. How I got to being an Ubuntu user again is an ugly story of a failed Windows 7 install, more on that another time. One of the things I struggle with when using Ubuntu, is should I use the cmd-line and apt-get to update/upgrade/install software on my systems or should I use the gui tool. I’ve settled on apt-get from the cmd-line and now am trying to gather some information on what does what.

I’ll be using this post as a dumping spot for all my apt-get notes/gotchas/howtos.  You’ll see my notes on apt-get update and install.  What isn’t really clear, is how I search through the repos and understand the version and compatibility info on a package, or how I even do that.  I’ll go back and re-read the debian url I list below looking for that info and add it in the comments when I find it.

apt commands:

$ sudo apt-get update

apt-get update will “check” all the repos I have setup in my sources.list to see if there is anything new. Most importantly running update is a must to move apt-get to reading a new, updated sources.list. Run update before upgrade.

$ sudo apt-get install app-name

apt-get install app-name will install the latest version of app-name. If what is on my box is “current” nothing will be installed.

$ clean

$ remove

apt-get tutorial at debian site: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/debian-tutorial/ch-dpkg.html

Going to NFJS in Dallas…

I just got signed up for the No Fluff Just Stuff Java symposium this weekend in Dallas (officially the Lone Star Software Symposium). This will be my fourth NFJS show. I gotta say bang for buck this conference is a steal.

With two days until the conference I have to get busy looking at the session descriptions and get a plan. If anyone out there has hit a recent NFJS show I would love some advice on what’s a must see.

MovableType to WordPress…

I’m giving up on MovableType and moving to WordPress. The spammers have won. I’ve been using the MT-Blacklist plugin for years and years, but it’s just not powerful enough anymore.

I understand that there are new and improved spam filters for MT, but you need to run a more current version. The problem with the more current versions of MT is that they are no longer free. The version I’m running was the end-of-the-line of the free versions.

Enter WordPress. Free and it offers everything I need. The only problem is that I will be breaking years and years worth of urls that link in and around my site.

Oh well, I’ll just make a kick-ass 404 page with a search field so people can find the missing pages. Look for everything to start changing this weekend. Maybe as another consolation gift I’ll start using full-post entries in my rss feeds.

What a Weekend!!!

Last weekend was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time. It started back on Thursday night when Katie and I went to Ft Worth to see my favorite band, Wilco. I took a vacation day Friday, took my time packing my bags and headed down to Austin. Friday night I went further south to San Antonio to see Wilco for a second straight night. Wilco on back-to-back nights. It’s hard to beat that.

Saturday was Aggie football day. I went with a couple buddies from Austin to College Station Saturday morning for the Aggie vs Missouri football game. After spending a few hours in the Chicken we took our seats on the 40 yard line of the first deck of Kyle Field. What a game!!! The Aggies shut the strong offense down. The Ags gave up 19 points with only 2 of them in the second half. It ended up being an Aggie victory 25-19.

The Aggies are now ranked, 23rd in the AP and 25th in the Coaches poll.

Glenn Vanderburg Knows JavaScript…

Last night’s speaker at the monthly JavaMUG meeting was Glenn Vanderburg. He gave a talk titled, “Learning to Love JavaScript”. The talk was excellent. I’ve always thought of JavaScript as a second citizen in my Java world, even in this time where AJAX is the rage and we all need to know JavaScript.

The history part of the talk was great. Some interesting stuff was covered. The fact that the initial release of JavaScript, or LiveScript back then, was created and released in 10 days. 10 DAYS! That’s not much time for something as large as JavaScript. Now considering how crappy people say it was back then I guess it makes sense.

After talking about the where JavaScript came from, and then the browser wars, Glenn moved on to some great technical material. The slides he had covering the JavaScript call stack and it’s use of unnamed functions were great. I absolutely need to catch his two JavaScript talks he does at NFJS.

If you would like to see what you missed grab Glenn’s presentation from the JavaMUG site.

North Korea Proves It…

North Korea proves it… What? North Korea proves, beyond a doubt, that the United Nations is the most useless organization of do-nothing politicians in the world.

IT IS TIME FOR THE UNITED STATES TO LEAVE THE UN!!! Then the US needs to kick them out of New York.

North Korea firing nuclear bombs off is unacceptable. The UN will spend weeks/months deciding that it’s bad. By then, Iran will be firing off nukes.

The US needs to break from the UN and start over. No communist countries welcome. No Islamic republics welcome. No evil dictators welcome. No weak ass Frenchmen welcome.

I’m sure the UK would be interested and if it’s just the US and the UK that’s fine.

How to Fix the War in Iraq…

I’m sick and tired of reading headlines like, “10 dead in car bomb”, “Suicide bomb rips Iraqi city“, and “in Baghdad found 15 bullet-riddled bodies”.

I’ll tell you what needs to happen if you want that violence to stop. The United States Military needs to take every single troop and march then straight into the heart of Iran. They need to fight there way to Tehran and kill Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Ahmadinejad is funding the Iraq insurgency and he is too blame for the direction the war has gone. Removing Ahmadinejad from power will benefit the world in two ways: the Iraqi war will end, and the nuclear threat from Iran will end.

Dropped Linux…

My experiment of running Linux on my laptop is over. I hate moving away from Linux, but it simply is not an option for me. I tried to fight past the glaring problems, but I’m no longer able to fight it. What pushed me over the edge, was the past 3 weeks I spent using a “loner” laptop, while mine was in the shop. Everything I wanted worked, without any radical install, download, configuring on my part.

Originally, my list of problems with Ubuntu Linux was long. I worked through the majority of them. The hardest was getting dual monitors working. The joke is that with Win XP I simply plug the 2nd monitor in and it works. Crazy! No excuse for it being so hard to configure in Linux.

Anyhow my 3 roadblocks that moved me off Ubuntu (for the time being): 1. Lack of a recent Flash player. How long has Flash 7 been around? Flash 9 is out now and I’m finding a ton of sites that won’t work with Flash 7 (espn.com is the biggie) 2. iTunes. I need access to iTunes. I’ve got two iPods that I need to sync between a standalone music library that I keep on a separate harddrive. It’s a NTFS drive that Ubuntu doesn’t want to write to. Plus, the last few weeks I’ve been using my Nike+ and I assume it will force me to use iTunes and not some alternate iPod application. 3. I am unalbe to listen to streaming radio from the two sites I use daily (TheTicket.com and KLIF.com). I have no idea why this doesn’t work. It is not related to a sound problem with my hardware because I’ll play and listen to audio CDs just fine. It is most likely related to a Flash player problem.