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Which version of Groovy am I using with this Grails version?

Two nights ago Jack Frosch gave a great summary of the new features in Grails 2.3 at the DFW Groovy – Grails User Group. At the end of the meeting somebody asked him what version of Groovy shipped with Grails 2.3. I could tell by the look on his face he wasn’t sure, so I […]

Book Review: Murach’s Java Programming

I was contacted by the people at Murach Books inquiring if I would like to start reviewing their books. Being a geek, and an avid tech reader, of course I said yes. This will be my first review, and it’s my favorite language, so I was excited with what they sent…. Murach’s Java Programming 4th […]

How to install Java 7 on Mac OS X (Lion)

Mac users are still waiting for Oracle / Apple to produce a simple download for using Java SE 7 on Macs running OS X. Until they provide one, the only safe way to use the Java 7 JDK is to build it from source. Luckily, Oracle provides a good wiki page that documents the process […]

Dallas TechFest 2011 Recap…

Another year, another great Dallas TechFest event… There were some great new speakers, Ken Sipe was my favorite with his Gradle talks.  The story on Gradle is one worth listening to, regardless, of how ingrained Ant or Maven are at your organization.  The best place to go if you’re new to Gradle is their website. The […]

Dallas TechFest 2009 Recap…

After close to 6 months of planning, Dallas TechFest 2009 is… “in the books.”  Planning and running an all-day tech conference with 40 presentations, 400+ (ok 401) attendees, X great sponsors, and Java and .NET developers is totally exhausting.  I took Saturday off to relax and now I’m back on my laptop writing this review. […]

Review of Spring Web Flow 2 Web Development

I was approached by one of the editors at Packt Publishing about doing a review of Spring Web Flow 2 Web Development.  I obviously said yes, the title of this post is “Review of Spring Web Flow 2 Web Development”    Plus, I really don’t have much experience with Spring Web Flow 2 (SWF2) and […]

apt-get Notes for an Ubuntu user…

I’m adjusting to life as an Ubuntu user. How I got to being an Ubuntu user again is an ugly story of a failed Windows 7 install, more on that another time. One of the things I struggle with when using Ubuntu, is should I use the cmd-line and apt-get to update/upgrade/install software on my […]

Modular Java with OSGi and Spring

I was lucky enough to be asked to preform a technical review of “Modular Java: Creating Flexible Applications with OSGi and Spring“.  It’s Craig Walls‘ next book and it’s being published by the Pragmatic Programmers. Craig does a great job of making the case for modular Java development with OSGi.  He covers why we need […]

Writing a Presentation on Dynamics of Open Source…

I’m been tasked with writing a presentation on the “Dynamics of Open Source.”  I’ll be co-delivering the talk at the MPower Open User Conference next week.  Why I’m doing this talk is another story for another post.  Anyhow, there is so much to say on this subject.  I was hoping to solicit some feedback from […]

Google Chrome Review…

UPDATE: I have Java support working with Google Chrome.  I followed the video instructions left in the comments by Vladimir and I’m good.  Watch this video or just know that you need Java SE 6 Update 10.   Google Chrome…  I dig it, but it needs work.  I guess Google’s “out” is that Chrome was released […]