Java Studio Creator/ JSF

This Wednesday I’m going to attend a presentation on Java Studio Creator. The first sentence of the presentations’s abstract states, “Java Studio Creator is a development IDE for building powerful web applications fast.” From what I’ve heard that is not 100% accurate. It should have said, “Java Studio Creator is a development IDE for building powerful JSF-based web applications fast.” The key is the JSF. And if it only works for JSF apps I’m a little lost as to why Sun spent so much time/money on building an IDE for JUST JSF. Why not have it work with Servlet/JSP, also?

I’m anxious to ask the presenter these questions. I’ll report back on Thursday.


JavaMUG JavaServer Faces Presentation

Last night’s JavaServer Faces Presentation was great. David Geary is a quality presenter. I will definitely try to catch at least one of his JSF sessions at the No Fluff Just Stuff stop in Dallas.

David covered a ton of material. He combined his 90 minute Intro and Advanced talks into one 90 minute session for JavaMUG. I felt like I got flooded with info, but it was clear and I wasn’t lost after the presentation. I hate when I see a presentation and things aren’t clearer afterwards.

I took some very rough notes on things that jumped out at me. Now I need to get his Core JSF book and make some sense out of everything. I won’t just post my notes but I’ll post some of his quotes that I found interesting/ amusing.

1. If you put both Swing and Struts through a particle accelerator you’ll get JavaServer Faces.
2. JSF is both a spec and a reference implementation.
3. His opinion of the best way to write a web app would be a combination of JSF, Struts, and the Spring Framework.

His two real juicy quotes were, “JavaServer Faces IS a replacement for Struts”, and “JSF is a BETTER Struts”.

I found the quotes very interesting since early in his presentation he made the comment if he was starting a web app it would be JSF, Struts and Spring.

Anyhow, JSF has got my attention.


Java Humor

For all my non-Techie readers out there please don’t read this post. Please don’t. You’ll just laugh at me and say, “Erik, you are such a nerd.” Also, if you’re not a Java developer you probably won’t get the humor in this…..

That being said, if you’ve ever done any Swing development and tried to use the GridBagLayout you will find this to be very funny. The link below takes more then a few seconds to load, but it’s damn funny.



July JavaMUG Meeting…

Tonight’s meeting is definitely worth attending if you hadn’t made a decision yet.

The speaker is David Geary and he will be covering Sun’s Java Web application framework, JavaServer Faces. David is a member of the JSF expert group and written numerous Java books.

If the speaker/subject matter doesn’t peak your interest… How about the sponsor? Jay Zimmerman and the No Fluff Just Stuff Symposiums is this month’s sponsor and they will be giving away a free admission to this September’s Lone Star Software Symposium.

The more I think about it, nobody come. It will be a horrible session. Nothing worth hearing. I’ll go ahead and “bite the bullet” and eat the free pizza, listen to a great topic, and pick up a free admission to the symposium.


Eclipse 3.0…

Well, I downloaded Eclipse 3.0 this morning. The first few mirrors I hit were very ssslllllooooooooow. I eventually hit a good one and the download was mine 7:30 minutes later. I’m installing now. I’ll report back later.

I need to see if the final 3.0 release is any different then the RC3 version.


Sun to Open Source Java…

They say that you can’t believe everything you read, and what I just read falls under this category.

ZDNet is reporting that Sun has publicly mentioned it plans on open-sourcing Java. This comes after Sun announced it will release it’s OS, Solaris via open-source.

Is this good, bad, or ugly? I’m not sure yet. Let me let it marinate….

It appears that Sun is NOT open-sourcing Java. The ZDnet article quoting Raghavan Srinivas, a Sun Engineer, on Sun’s plans to open source Java is being called false in a new report by Sun that I read on the NetworkFussion website. You think Raghavan got a slap on the wrist for making public Sun’s plan to open-source Java? They probably were gonna save it for SunOne….


JUnit: The Definitive Guide…

I am very excited about an email I got this past Sunday. Derek Lane, a fellow member of the Java users group I am active with is finishing up “JUnit: The Definitive Guide”. He’s predicting it hitting bookshelves in August/September.

I was lucky enough to participate in a review of the first few chapters and what I read was great. Derek does a great job explaining technical material and will impress all with his writing on JUnit. He has presented a couple times for the JavaMUG, most recently last June on JSR-52.

If I didn’t make myself clear, I am very excited about this book, it’s a definite “pre order”.


JavaMUG Recap – Marc Fleury Presentation…

In one word the presentation was great. I had never seen Marc speak before and he was impressive. He’s very “high energy”. I wasn’t sure how knowledgeable he would be on the topics. I was afraid he might be doing a big sales pitch, but I was wrong. The guy knew his stuff. And he was entertaining.

He covered JBoss and EJB 3.0. His material was good. He showed EJB 3.0 code. He talked about the differences between the current spec and 3.0. He gave rough estimates on when to expect to see it (but fairly specific dates on when to see something from JBoss). He covered the various projects being worked at JBoss. And he explained the company’s current plan and future direction. I think he used the word “aspect” at least 100 if not 1000 times. He’s big on aspects.

I took some notes; mostly I just jotted down a few interesting bullet points. Some technical and some just funny. I’ll list them below:

-EJB 3.0 will be implemented in JBoss by JavaOne.
-JBoss 4.0 by JavaOne.
-JBoss will have an open source version of Macromedia Flex (this got a lot of attention).
-JBoss will put people on the AXIS project to stabilize it again.
Hibernate IS EJB 3.0. (Since Hibernate came first I think the slide should have read, “EJB 3.0 is Hibernate”. Either way, that’s what he said.

Some of Marc’s jokes:
-He said something (not so nice) about Apache and then said “oops, that will be on a blog”.
-Commenting on Ben Sabrin, “He’s my main man (or something). He’s the guy who figured out how to sell free software.” His point was he thinks Ben is damn good.
-His last slide was funny. It had his name and email address and then two bullet points that seemed odd and funny. They were, “THANK YOU!” and “And remember, we love you!”


Big Speaker Coming Tonight…

Our speaker for this month’s JavaMUG meeting is Marc Fleury, founder and president of JBoss. I’m very excited. The normal presenters are local authors/ developers. Not bad speakers, but nobody this big. I don’t know that I’ll learn more tonight then I’ve learned in past meetings, but I’m sure it will be worth attending.

I’ll post a review tomorrow.


What Happens to Java…

if Sun folds, or even worse gets bought by Microsoft. I have been reading some blog postings that are “all over” on the subject after the big settlement late last week.

And why wasn’t Java mentioned in any of the press related to all of this? Java is what the lawsuit was all about, wasn’t it? Rick Ross at JavaLobby had some interesting stuff in his newsletter. He asks/wants to know if Sun is going to use the money from the settlement to “better”‘ Java. I sure hope so. I have a very awkward feeling right now with the state of the Java universe.

Here is a question to ponder. Would Sun, Java, and IBM be better off if Sun sold Java to IBM? I’m not ready to give my opinion, but I would love to hear what the rest of the Java world thinks about that. I don’t get much feedback here so I think I’ll post that one on JavaRanch. Check back for a link to the post.