J2EE development for everyone…

Last weekend I came across a wonderful tutorial that explains how to build a Servlet with Eclipse and deploy it to Tomcat. The author did a great job of keeping it very simple, yet explaining every step. There was no, “do this, then this, then this, finished”. Each step gave a brief explanation of what the author wanted you to do and he included screenshots along the way.

I’m going to push for a follow-up that provides more “what we did in each step”. And maybe a follow-up tutorial including servlets or a request/ response servlet pair.

I don’t think there is enough of these types of tutorials out there. The “hand-holding” style. Sure we can all figure this out on our own, but what about for the college into courses, or even high school coureses. Do I dare even mention intermediate schools. I was learning BASIC programming in the 6th grade. I believe a tutorial like this could be used by 6th graders. If you get people deploying servelts in the 6th grade imagine what they’ll do in the “real world”.

Yikes! What a post for a Monday morning…..

Go read this tutorial…



Moving on to…

…bigger and better things? No, but with the new year I am finished with my year-term as webmaster for JavaMUG. It will be nice to be free of all the “busy work” that came with that job. I was asked to keep my position for another term but I respectfully declined.

I will still be active with the board serving on the Program Committee. I will work with the other committee member to bring exciting, timely, informative speakers to Dallas. If anyone out there has any interest in speaking before our group, and feels they are qualified, please contact me. The JavaMUG site has a detailed listing of past speakers if you want to see what we’ve had in the past.

JavaMUG meeting last night…

Last night was the Java Metroplex User’s Group monthly meeting.

The meeting was sponsored by Genuitec, the creators of MyEclipse. They had 10-15 minutes to hype MyEclipse. They did a good job. Someone made the comment that it looked and acted just like the Lomboz plugin. The sponsor said they can’t even be compared. The guy’s voice didn’t sound real cocky, but the comment was.

The main presentation was, “Ribs – The ReportMill Interface Builder for Swing”. Ribs was/is developed by Jeff Martin, creator of ReportMill. Yes, the presentation was nothing more then a product pitch (which is frowned upon by our Board), but the pitch was good. I haven’t spent 5 minutes in the last year or two thinking about doing Swing development. This actually has me thinking about it now.

I think part of the interest was that Jeff used an Apple, I’m pretty sure it was a PowerBook, to drive his presentation. If you didn’t know I’ve got Apple/ PowerBook/ Mac OS X fever real bad. Forget I even typed that last sentence, this post is on last night’s meeting.

Jeff spent the last 15 minutes of the presentation on ReportMill. It is reallllllly slick. If you haven’t heard about it ReportMill is a Java app XML-based reporting tool. Check out the site. It’s really impressive.

Last Night’s JavaMUG Presentation

Last night was the monthly meeting of the Java Metroplex User’s Group, of which I belong and also serve on the board. I was both looking forward to and dreading the meeting. I dreaded it because we were holding yearly elections and I was afraid they would drag on and on and on. Boy was I pleasantly surprised at how smooth and quick things went. Congrats to the current board for such a smooth election and congrats to the newly elected board members.

The reason I was looking forward to the meeting was that this month’s speaker was Glenn Vanderburg. I have seen him speak at previous JavaMUG meetings and at last years Lone Star Software Symposium. His presentations are both strong technically and delivered with some humor.

Last night Glenn spoke on the new features coming with J2SE 1.5. He spent a large chunk of the presentation on generics, and then covered a number of the other 1.5 additions. Continue reading Last Night’s JavaMUG Presentation