Changed my family site…

Last night I moved our family site over to MovableType. The “look and feel” is as bad as this site, but that’s an improvement over how it looked. The main purpose of is a place where I can post pics of our baby for the grandparents and aunts and uncles. 🙂

I also installed gallery for both the family site and this site. Gallery is a “sweet” photo album/display tool (I’m not sure how to describe it). Stealing from the Gallery site, they describe their tool as, “a web based software product that lets you manage your photos on your own website”. I am just now starting to find all the cool “bells and whistles”. I will be adding holiday photos on starting with Thanksgiving going forward, then I’ll add all the old photos from the site. Also, look for a few more photos here. Exciting stuff, me compiling Java code, or me installing Tomcat, you know, exciting stuff.


I had a great one and I hope everyone else did also.

I spent Christmas Eve afternoon driving down to Houston. Our first stop was at my Dad’s church, then we had dinner and gifts at his house. Late that night we went to Katie’s parents house and spent some time with them before going to bed to wait for Santa (my nephew was very anxious to get everyone in bed so Santa could come). We got up early and opened gifts, had breakfast, and played with the new PlayStation games my nephew got.

Christmas Day afternoon was spent with my mom, step-dad, and 16 other assorted brothers, sisters, their husbands/wives/girlfriends, and their kids. It was a big crowd and we had a wonderful time like we always do. We did a lot of eating and present giving/receiving.

I got two gifts that topped my list: a 20GB iPod from my mom and grandmother, and the Black & Decker 7 Tool Mobile Workstation from my wife and son.

I’ll have follow-up posts on both gifts.


Happy Thanksgiving everybody! I hope you all have a great day. I will be starting my day by running in the Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot. After that it will be family, football, and food.

Tomorrow will be the annual Texas A&M – tu game. Lets hope for a good showing, ending the year on a high note.

UPDATE – Post Race The run was a blast. We will definitely be running again next year. There were over 20,000 runners. Supposedly a U.S. record for a 3 mile run. With minimal training I finished in 25:47. And with a chicken on my head. My wife almost killed me for forgetting the digital camera. Our friends took pictures and when I get them I’ll post a few.

UPDATE – Added pics I’ve finally gotten a few pics from the Turket Trot. I promised that I would post some pics of me wearing the chicken hat. It was a little odd to run with, but as cold as it was I liked it. And I sure got a lot of cheers.

Weibust Christmas Tree 2003 Noah, Daddy and Mommy. (Yes, I do have a chicken on my head)

Weibust Christmas Tree 2003 Chris (brother-in-law), Julie (sister), Rolfe (step dad), Mom holding Noah, me (a better view of the chicken), and Katie

Weibust Christmas Tree 2003 Noah in the stroller he ran the race in.

Christmas fun…

I came across this blog entry asking for people to submit pics of their Christmas trees. I’m answering the call. Here is the Weibust 2003 tree.

Being completely honest, this was my wife’s doing. I’m more “old-school” with my tree taste. In the past we’ve gone with a mix of nice/homemade/cheesy ornaments and multi-colored lights. Katie wanted something that looked “classy-er”. Boy was that a body blow. So I said fine, but I won’t partake in the decorating. Below you can see the finished product.

Weibust Christmas Tree 2003

I’m also putting a pic of Noah and Santa. We just got these done tonight at The Shops at Willow Bend (also home to my local Apple store). It was his first time “really” seeing Santa. Up-close and personal. Like most kids his age he was a little scared. We had to pry him out of Katie’s arms to get him on Santa’s lap. He cried for a minute and then we got him calmed down and I took this picture.

Noah and Santa 2003

What I did last weekend

It was another trip down to Houston, this one wasn’t the standard trip down to see family. It was to attend the wedding of a friend/fraternity brother. Katie and I had a great time. It’s fun to see old college friends and “catch-up” in person. Katie and I have said we are really going to make an effort to see our friends more often when we go down to Houston.