The Turgeon Era has begun. The Aggies played their first game under new coach Mark Turgeon on Friday night and rolled past powerhouse McNeese State 73-50.

The nice thing about the 2007-08 Ags is the commitment to defense. That was one thing I really liked about the Billy Clyde teams, they played badass defense. Turgeon is continuing that tradition.

Here is my first warning for the Big 12…. LOOK OUT FOR DEANDRE JORDAN!

Fran is NOT the man…

WHOOP!!!  My prayers have been answered!  Fran is out!  He agreed to a buyout today!  He shouldn’t have gotten a penny after what he did, but I’m damn glad to see him go.

Now let the rumors begin….  who will be coaching THE FIGHTIN’ TEXAS AGGIES next year?

Here is my short list:

College Football Quick Hits…

Here are a couple College Football quick hits…

  • The Kansas Jayhawks are for real
  • Coach Fran sucks!

I also need to mention the fact that last Saturday Katie and I went down to College Station to meet some of her girlfriends and to watch the Aggie/Kansas game.  The day was perfect, the beer was cold at the Chicken, and Fran sucked.  No really, not wasting any more time on Fran, the day was awesome.

I think the game highlight would have to be the band. The team wasn’t too hot, but the band looked good, and Katie got some great picks.  The pre-game highlight was the Dat Nguyen sighting at the Chicken.  I got the nerve up to go talk to him and he was very friendly.  I informed him that he attended a number of my fraternity’s parties when we were in school, and that we even drank a few beers together.

Szymanski Sucks…

Who sucks?  I’m sure you were expecting a post about Coach Fran sucking.  Nope.  That’s a given.  This post is me lashing out at the Texas Aggie Kicker, Matt Szymanski.  He SUCKS!  I can’t remember a worse Aggie field goal kicker.  It’s not like Fran was sending him out there to kick 5o yarders.  These were easily makeable 30+ yard kicks.  Symanski has missed 8 friggin’ field goals!

There isn’t much to like about the 2007 Aggie Football team.  I wish I could say at least we got a kicker….  Can’t do it.

Goodbye Craig Biggio…

One of my favorite non-Cubs played his last MLB game today, Craig Biggio. Craig Biggio retires as the best Astro ever, and probably the best catcher/left fielder/right fielder/2nd basemen ever! That’s kind of a joke, but kind of true. Biggio was great at every position he played, and he played a number of them.

I guess the Astros made a good decision moving him out from behind the plate because Biggio went on to have a 20 year career. [tags]Craig Biggio, mlb[/tags]

Aggies play at Miami tonight…

The Texas Aggies are playing Miami in the Orange Bowl tonight.  This is definitely our toughest opponent so far in 2007.  I am very scared about what the Hurricanes offense is gonna do.  The Aggie defense sucks, to put it nicely.  Fresno St made us look like absolute fools.

The only hope for the Aggies is that our running games kicks ass!  Our trident running attack of McGee, Lane, and Goodson is absolutely awesome.  They have embarrassed all opponents this year.  Yes, the Aggie passing game is a joke, but that makes the running game look even better.  Everybody knows we aren’t throwing the ball (yes, Coach Fran sucks) and they still can’t stop our run game.

If we lose tonight we will have a very bad record for the season.  Most likely only one more guaranteed win, OSU, and two possible wins, Baylor and Kansas.  We lose the rest, all blowouts.  With a win tonight, I’ll keep my predictions private, but say that we look good for the rest of the year until we face OU.

Beat the Hell Outta Miami!  Whoop!!

How to Get People to Watch Commercials…

Simple… Make a badass commercial. The new Nike football commercial is friggin’ AWESOME! I find myself skipping through commercials, seeing the Nike commercial, and going back and watching it once, sometimes twice.

And, note to TV and movie directors, this same principle works for you, too.  If you make crap, people won’t watch it.  You make something good, people will watch.

Yes, I’m smart.  🙂

Congrats from Paula…

This morning when I finished my 3-mile run I got a cool surprise.  First let me explain that I run with an iPod Nano and the Nike+.  The Nike+ is a device which measures and records the distance and pace of a walk or run (that was stolen from this Wikipedia page). 

I’ve blogged about it before, but summing it up…  the Nike+ turns a boring run into an interactive video game.  Your iPod shows how long you’ve run, how far, as well as the song you’re listening to.  Also, you get audio prompts that say stuff like, 1 mile down 2 more to go.

So this morning I had a rather hard run, that wasn’t helped by my choice of music.  I chose the new Wilco CD which really doesn’t fire me up for running.  Regardless, the bad choice of music didn’t keep me from finishing my run.  And what a surprise I got after the run.  Paula Radcliffe (who holds the women’s marathon record) came on over my headphones to congratulate me for just running my 500 kilometer.  Pretty cool!  Next milestone, 500 miles!