First Place Cubs…

First Place Cubs
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Well, the Cubs aren’t in 1st in the Central, but their record is good enough that they would be in 1st in 3 of the 6 divisions in baseball.

And another way to look at things is this. The NL Central is so good that the other 5 1st place teams in baseball would at best be in 4th place in the NL Central. There is some damn good baseball being played in the Central this year.

The Wild Card ain’t coming out of the East this year. You can pencil that one in, and it’s still April.

Google Ads In Yahoo Publisher Network

Funny, funny, funny. Google is taking out ads in the Yahoo! Publisher Network. I saw this ad on my site and was very amused.

When is the Yahoo! Publisher Network gonna start serving up some relevant ads on my site? I understand the concept of growing pains, but this is bad.

Flickr Project – Finished…

Noah on the porch
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I finished my big Flickr project. In the last two weeks I have pushed over two thousand pictures up to my Flickr account.

As I stated in my previous post, I’ve tagged them with “weibust” and the year the picture was taken. My next project will be to further tag the pictures. I hope to have that finished by the end of the month.

The picture included with this post is one of Katie’s All-Time Favs. I like it, too. It is a pic of Noah, but it sure looks like Zachary.

The SportsBash Knockout Pool on ESPNRadio and Erik’s Hmm…

Playing from home, because Erik Kuselias didn’t consider me worthy, I’m gonna make my picks here in The SportsBash Knockout Pool. We’ll see if Erik takes note of my picks and lets me pick with him on ESPNRadio. The KnockOut Pool picks are made each Friday about 4:45 Central time.

This week, instead of taking the gimme St Louis over San Fran, I’m taking Denver over Miami.

So for the rest of you playing from home I’ll say it again. Give me Denver beating Miami.

For those of you who don’t understand the game. Hear it is in a nutshell. Every week you pick one NFL winner. You can’t use a team twice. So this week I took Denver. I won’t be able to pick Denver the rest of the year. Lets hope I go farther then anyone playing in the SportsBash Knockout Pool

Happy Birthday Noah!!!

Noah’s 3rd Birthday Party
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Saturday was Noah’s 3rd birthday and he had a great day! He woke up and had a gift waiting for him from mommy and daddy which kept him busy until all the festivities got going.

Noah had a “Firetruck Birthday Party!” with lots of friends and family attending. The party started out at our house with cake, ice cream, and presents. Then we all packed into our cars and headed to Allen Fire Department – Station 2.

Everybody got to tour the station. Seeing where the firemen eat, sleep, and watch TV. Then it was into the garage to see the FIRE ENGINE! The firemen let everybody climb on the truck and try on all their equipment. I think the kids AND parents had a good time.

Noah really raked it in. He got his first baseball glove, a soccer ball, a bike, fire trucks, games, puzzles, and blocks.

Changed My Feeds And Added New LInks…

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I have made a few small changes to the index page on

The first change was that I switched my feeds over to FeedBurner. Mostly, for the stats that FeedBurner offers, but also because I like that FeedBurner makes the actual xml “readable”. I think that a readable xml feed is a big deal. It’s hard for some bloggers to believe but blogging and reading blogs is still not a mainstream activity. And as people start reading blogs and learning about blogs. They all click that xml link and some get scared off. I like having an xml feed that actually looks “sort of” good.

The second change was that I added the icons/links to quickly subscribe to for the most popular blog readers.

These are the last changes I’m making to this blog while it’s powered by MovableType. I plan on having it switched to a new tool in the next couple of weeks.